Giving hope to those who need it most

We deliver resources and basic necessities to disadvantaged children in remote areas through volunteer trips.
The World Family Children Foundation is an IRS recognized (501)(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Fremont, California. We are an officially certified organization of the President's Volunteer Service Award.  Our mission is to help children and the families in need all over the world through fundraising, advocacy, and education. Another goal of ours is to empower young people to help other youths. The experience of serving and giving back to the community is one that can never be replaced in a lifetime.

World Family Children Foundation

Since 2014, WFCF has positively impacted thousands of lives across 5 countries.



We are an organization of young people calling on

Voice of World Blind School

Door of Faith Orphanage

What are we doing now? 

to Change the World Together

We provide care for vulnerable children in orphanages and safe houses in developing countries. 

‚ÄčOur Young Mentors program is now ONLINE

We tutor students from low-income families looking for help in school who can't afford tutoring services otherwise. 

Shanxi Safe House

Schools have closed due to the ongoing pandemic, but children still need to keep up with their academic pursuits in this challenging time.  We are incredibly proud to have leaders who have risen to the occasion in this quarantine; our school and club leaders have organized a team of student volunteers to reopen our Young Mentors program and make its services available online. Please check our program website for more details.

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