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We deliver resources and basic necessities to disadvantaged children in remote areas through volunteer trips.
The World Family Children Foundation is an IRS recognized (501)(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Fremont, California. Our mission is to help children and the families in need all over the world through fundraising, advocacy, and education. Another goal of ours is to empower young people to help other youths. We strongly believe that positive change and healing are not only possible, but probable, when the underprivileged children are treated with compassion and provided guidance and support, and the experience of serving and giving back to the community is one that can never be replaced in a lifetime. 

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Young Mentors Mexico is Launching

Since 2014, WFCF has positively impacted thousands of lives across 6 countries.



We are an organization of young people calling on

Voice of World Blind School

Door of Faith Orphanage

What are we doing now? 

Albinism Children in Mozambique

to Change the World Together

In 2017, there were about 30,000 individuals with albinism in Mozambique who struggled with discrimination and ostracisation. 13 people were killed. The majority of violence victims are children in both rural and urban areas; they face an increased risk of physical attacks, organ trafficking, kidnapping, and more. A harmful belief in Mozambique is that the body parts of people with albinism hold magical powers and good fortune, thus, they are often mutilated and isolated from society. They are unable to integrate themselves into communities and struggle with finding employment. The Young Ambassadors Mozambique is launched by Camila Guerrero, who is taking a gap year from her college studies to devote to changing this special group children's future.
We provide care for vulnerable children in orphanages and safe houses in developing countries. 

Young Mentors program is now ONLINE

Our  Campaigns

We are happy to announce the creation of Young Mentors Mexico! This is free, fully student run tutoring service which caters to low income children in Mexico. Our volunteers will primarily teach English, but cover the other subjects such as Math and Spanish as well. 
We are extremely proud of our team of Young Ambassadors for India for launching a fundraising project to help children through the Voice of World Blind School.
Due to the pandemic, the Voice of World Blind School has lost financial support from many of its prior donors. Moreover, the school they have been relying on as their home has been badly damaged by recent Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan.
Please help the blind and disabled children of the Voice of World School by contributing to rebuild their campus. A donation of any amount would be incredibly helpful!

We tutor students from low-income families looking for help in school who can't afford tutoring services otherwise. 

Shanxi Safe House

Door of Faith Orphanage

Schools have closed due to the ongoing pandemic, but children still need to keep up with their academic pursuits in this challenging time.  We are incredibly proud to have leaders who have risen to the occasion in this quarantine; our school and club leaders have organized a team of student volunteers to reopen our Young Mentors program and make its services available online. Please check our program website for more details.