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A sick girl came to me from another classroom, murmuring my name, which I found the feeling of being need for the first time. A shy boy gave me a candy that was hard to get from their house after figuring out the concept of multiplication, which I realized how amazing it was to teach.........

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The World Family Children Foundation is dedicated to helping children and their families in difficulties situations, whether they have lost their homes due to natural disaster or they are struggling to survive difficult conditions with limited resources. Young Ambassadors encourages our volunteers to dedicate their time and attention to these vulnerable children. This program will allow our young volunteers to take initiative on their own to help children in need worldwide, regardless of if the project is big or small, whether it be donating winter coats to an orphanage in Mexico or helping a family of hungry kids in Yemen. These projects are independent, entirely student-run, and made up of the best of our organization’s members. Our outstanding Young Ambassadors engage in fundraising,  networking, and targeted advocacy to help those in need.

We encourage our YA volunteers to start projects that help children and families who find themselves in difficult situations during this pandemic time.​

--- By Jia Jingtong

  • Submit the application form before you start your project, you will receive the Young Ambassadors Program Package from us shortly.
  • You must have an adult supervise your work with the vulnerable children, and have your YA Time Card to be signed by the supervisor every-time you have volunteered.​
  • Take some pictures on the site of your volunteering job.​
  • Send your Service Hours Application with a copy of your YA Time Card and the pictures to us after you have completed your project for service hour verification.
  • You will be qualify to apply the President Volunteer Service Award after you have accomplished your project.

How to Become A Young Ambassador

--- By Jasmine Zhu

 Tibet Project

  Young Ambassadors 


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During my trip to Tibet,  I have met numerous children who are orphans, some are from broken families, and some are forced to be separated from their parents. Through this memorable journey, I have learned that these children are all eager to learn the outer world, but since they have been isolated from outside world, they are very sensitive and afraid of being rejected by the others............

The project Helped My inerself

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