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We are extremely proud of our team of Young Ambassadors for India, led by Ajay Nanda, with team members of Anish Aerrabotu, Sujal Bobba, Jainam Shah and Sriram Bharadwaj, for launching this fundraising project .

Meet the Young Ambassadors Team for India

Due to the pandemic, the Voice of World Blind School has lost financial support from many of its prior donors. Moreover, the campus students have been relying on as their home has been badly damaged by recent super-cyclone storm Amphan. 
Please help the blind and disabled children of the Voice of  World School by contributing to rebuild their campus.

A donation of any amount would be incredibly helpful!​

World Family Children Foundation

If you're interested in starting your own Young Ambassadors project to help vulnerable children in any corner of the world, we're here to help you make that a reality.

  Fundraising for VOW 


       Help the blind children to rebuild their home