Those unforgettable smiles  --by Xu Fei

Young Leaders to China

My trip to Shanxi --by Guangliang Wei

This is a child with Down syndrome,
Too young to ask his name,
But I always wanted to hug,
I was hugged by him when I chose half of the beans,
I like to hug and like to be led,
It's probably half a drag.
The children here really depend on us,
Especially those children who are mentally impaired,
I'm quite self-blaming,
After all, at first glance, the instinct retreats,
But it was pleasing to the eye.

Today I walked into Ms. Kong's family,
When I got there, I remembered seeing the story of Ms. Kong on TV before.
But I really didn't expect it before going.
There are many children in it,
Most of them have not reached the age of junior high school,
Almost all of them were left at the entrance of Mama Kong (the first one or two were picked up).
The children are blind, some have brain damage, some have one less ear, and some have rabbit lips.
The environment in the courtyard is really not good,
The adjective dirty and messy can be said to be appropriate in this small courtyard.
But this small courtyard (donated by a German who was studying in China) is much better than the one that was originally reported on TV when the mother was just reported.
Seeing blind children hitting their heads, children with brain disabilities crying, children with hydrocephalus tossing and turning in bed,
My heart is very painful, as if it was penetrated by the sword.
Why do they experience such suffering,
Their sufferings don’t even see the end,
I want to touch those children to share some pain for them, and want to run out of this place full of life pain, as if abandoned by God.
But then I saw that children can download songs and dance on the music (now the melody of "Dad", "Lent", "Invisible Wings" and "Chongerfei" still echo in my mind).
I turned the hula hoop with my children, put together the building blocks, and told them that I love singing and I love sports. Their smiles keep playing back in my mind, like angel smiles.
Ms. Kong’s family is religious, and Ms. Kong constantly educates her children to be tolerant and love each other.
I think it is the reason why the children in the family hardly have conflicts (the children with brain disabilities really can't understand anything, there is no way).
Mother Kong was very short, and the pressure of taking care of the child made her back become camel,
But a sixty-nine year old is so energetic,
From her, I can only see the beauty that is hard to describe in words. She has been laughing while chatting with her.
I think it was her faith that allowed her to adopt her children consistently for thirty years.
If it wasn’t for my own eyes, it’s hard to believe that there are such tall people in the world,
It seemed that all of us were short. I think Ms. Kong is close to being holy.
I believe that Ms. Kong’s career will continue and her spirit will be passed on.
I even believe that the kind teacher is invincible.

I Love Them  --by Siyuan Feng

As soon as the music rang, a few girls immediately jumped up and sang happily!
The children are so happy, sunny, and so beautiful! There is almost no clamor between each other. Mother Kong has always taught them to love each other blindly. Mother Kong talks about each child has a special place, can see the love overflowing from the bottom of my heart! Father Fan is not good at words, supporting this big family silently all year round, his hair is white and wrinkled, and the smile is still so simple and brilliant!
I was tired after a day, but I couldn't sleep for a long time In fact, I used to accompany my daughter on the weekend to support her to participate in public welfare activities. In fact, I was also educated together, and I felt even deeper! I am asking myself that I can’t even do one percent of Kong’s mother. What might be possible is how to turn meager help into a long-term support.

Stories From Our Volunteers

In recent years, the number of children born with disabilities has been on the rise due to air pollution and food contamination in China. Many children are abandoned by their biological parents upon birth due to natural disability. The elderly with disabilities, Mrs. Kong Lanzhen in Qixian County, Shanxi Province, have adopted nearly 100 handicapped children who have been abandoned in the streets for decades. Currently, she and her husband are raising 38 handicapped children at home, try to give these children a complete home without any government funds. World Family Children Foundation has sponsored Kong Lanzhen and her children since 2015. The 2019 Summer Project is a short-term volunteer project to help those handicapped children in Shanxi. The four-day project is set to help the children by tutoring, fundraising, playing games and hand-crafting etc.  Students enrolled in this program will receive 40 hours of US volunteer time (50 hours will qualify for the US President Volunteer Service Award), and our organization will also provide students who participating in this program a nice recommendation letter while he/she is applying for the universities in the United States and other Western universities.​  ​

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