Imagine 38 Children living in a single house, some of them are babies, and some of them are handicapped that couldn't taking care of themselves. Our project is to help the mother of 38 children who has been rescuing abandoned children from the streets, and raising them without government's support in Shanxi, China. This is a project will involve fundraising, academic tutoring, and team works etc.

The Young Leaders are the passionate youth to help improve education for students, to assist with the care of children in the orphanages, to start fundraising campaign for the children in the develop countries. Our Young Leaders programs reach out to the orphanages in Mexico and Guatemala, to the rural schools in China. Whether you spend your days collecting books to build a small library for the students, tutoring after school children in the orphanage, or letting your inner artist shine as you paint murals for the kids, you’ll be able to catalyze real societal and life change while being completely immersed in a new culture and welcoming community.  When you are landing your hands to the underprivileged children in a developing country, you are not only changing their lives,  but also changing your perspective of the world, and gaining life change experiences. We invite you to join our team, to help the children in need.

Volunteer Team of  Young Leaders

To China

​​​To Lhasa, Tibet

The My one-week trip to the Door of Faith Orphanage was an enjoyable and eye-opening experience. From crossing the U.S. Mexico border to being immersed in a Spanish-speaking environment, this trip was packed full of new experiences. When we arrived at the orphanage, I was surprised by the conditions; they seemed so much better than I had expected. As the director of the orphanage gave my volunteer group a tour, I was both amazed at the colorful, cheerful surroundings and saddened by the children's bakestories. 

World Family Children Foundation

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My Mexico Volunteer Trip

Help the children worldwide

Helping in the Door of Faith Orphanage in Baja California, Mexico, We will make lunches for the orphans, providing after school tutoring to the children in the orphanage, painting the playground and the walls, applying the craft projects to the children, preparing life necessities for the local people who are living under the poverty line etc.

We truly want to help the kids in this orphanage in Tibet. More important than a single activity or a simple instructional lesson however, what we want to bring is warmth to their hearts. Each one of their lives is filled with incredible untapped potential. We believe that everyone has a passion and vision that can bring infinite power to these children in Tibet. 

By Simon Zhang

To Mexico

Young Leaders to Mexico in the Summer volunteer trip

a (501)(C)(3) Nonprofit organization

World Family Children Foundation

in dirty clothes. It looks like they have stopped taking shower for a long time and we smell something disgusting, but we didn’t show our mood from our face because we all know they are all very poor, nobody give them enough love. So we must help them rather than despise them. When I tried to talk with them, they were a little shy.........

By Angela Wang

Many of the residents of the orphanage were neglected and abused, or the children of migrant farm worker. One way or another, circumstances prevent them from seeing their families. However, they learn from each other, forming their own family, and taught me a lot in the process.........

My Shanxi Volunteer Trip

Donation so far:  $48,100

Last week, I went to Shanxi and helped some children who were abandoned by their parents. There are 40 children there and some of them have some mental disabilities. They cannot speak, move nor understand what we talk about. I feel pity for them and I really think this world is not fair for them. They have made no mistakes but why their parents are so merciless.  That’s makes me feel sad and a bit angry.

​When I went there, I saw an old house and many children dressed 

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