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By Jia Jingtong

By Simon Zhang

During my trip to Tibet,  I have met numerous children who are orphans, some are from broken families, and some are forced to be separated from their parents. Through this memorable journey, I have learned that these children are all eager to learn the outer world, but since they have been islated from outside world, they are very sensitive and afraid of being rejected by the others. Through the volunteering, I learned a lot of skills of how to make efficient communications; how to switch the characters from a mentor to a big sister; how to come up with the interesting class contends so that students are able to concentrate on; and how to combine the various classes together by using my knowledge, the circumstance and the equipment. After all, working with them for a few days, my understanding being a teacher became diverse and deeper, and the willing to become a teacher to help the children like them is getting stronger. I truly hope that there would be more and more people to help them in the future

Last week, I went to Shanxi and helped some children who were abandoned by their parents. There are 40 children there and some of them have some mental disabilities. They cannot speak, move nor understand what we talk about. I feel pity for them and I really think this world is not fair for them. They have made no mistakes but why their parents are so merciless.  That’s makes me feel sad and a bit angry.

​When I went there, I saw an old house and many children dressed 

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in dirty clothes. It looks like they have stopped taking shower for a long time and we smell something disgusting, but we didn’t show our mood from our face because we all know they are all very poor, nobody give them enough love. So we must help them rather than despise them. When I tried to talk with them, they were a little shy.........

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How to become a Young Ambassador:

  1. Submit the application form before you start to volunteer in your trip, you will receive the Young Ambassadors Program Package from us shortly.
  2. You must have an adult supervise your work with the vulnerable children, and have your YA Time Card to be signed by the supervisor every-time you have worked.
  3. Take some pictures on the site of your volunteering job.
  4. Send your Service Hours Application with a copy of your YA Time Card and the pictures to us after you have completed your volunteer work.

And I’ve been thinking a lot, about why they always need a person being around, whom they are expecting to play with the most. They are like limpid holy lake, so innocent and pure that nothing could corrupt them. They do not afraid of strangers, and they are very outgoing for most of them. But the thing is, they are afraid. Afraid of when we suddenly disappear, afraid of when we are not satisfactory about their work and so on. They have strong self-esteem, and their inner heart can be beat so easily. Maybe they lost their parents from very young age, or the social circles do not pay enough attention to them. All people around world should care for them which is a special group in the big world that is easy to ignore, giving them more sense of security and the sense of belonging.

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The World Family Children Foundation is dedicated to helping children who are abandoned, homeless, live in underfunded orphanages, and grow up without a proper education in the poorest corners of the world. We believe every child deserves an equal amount attention, opportunity, and adequate care. Delivering our help to these children in remote areas of the world is very hard and expensive, so we are opening up the Worldwide Ambassadors Program for high school students who want to do charity work for underprivileged children worldwide without incurring too much extra cost for themselves. This program will allow high school students to take their own initiative for helping children in need worldwide in whichever areas they are traveling to. As long as services meet our program requirements, you will be rewarded a certificate of accomplishment and service hours from our organization.

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By Jasmine Zhu

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A sick girl came to me from another classroom, murmuring my name, which I found the feeling of being need for the first time. A shy boy gave me a candy that was hard to get from their house after figuring out the concept of multiplication, which I realized how amazing it was to teach. Receiving the appreciation of orphanage president, I understood the true meaning of being responsible for the society as a senior high school student.

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