We will offer our resources to help the children of the Buddhist orphanage in Lhasa City. One problem we have identified in particular pertains to their education: it is limited to entirely compulsory subjects. These children are deprived of chances to take elective courses, explore their interests, and find their true callings. If an orphan is interested in learning English and pursuing artistic design, she may be unable to follow her dream because of circumstances out of her control. Students in developed countries take these resources for granted, not realizing that others do not have access to the same opportunities. There may be a potential painter in the courtyard, or a future musician who may never be able to discover what music early is in his early age. This initiative invests a week of time in the summer of 2018 to travel to the Tibetan region and establish new elective courses without disturbing the normal teaching order. Through a series of courses and activities, we will strive to broaden the students’ knowledge and horizons by providing creative opportunities.
We truly want to help the kids in this orphanage in Tibet. More important than a single activity or a simple instructional lesson however, what we want to bring is warmth to their hearts. Each one of their lives is filled with incredible untapped potential. Regardless of what your interests are and where you’re located, whether it be initiative art, literature, or science; or America, Germany, or China; we believe that everyone has a passion and vision that can bring infinite power to these children in Tibet. What we will receive through this activity is not just experience or volunteer hours––we will improve, reflect on our goals, and become better people. Whether it is through the discovery of Tibetan Buddhism, the assisting of these orphans, or the conviction of oneself, this is a once-in-a-lifetime growing experience. 

How to apply:       Lock the spot in the website, download the application forms, and submit them to

                                   WFCF with security deposit before deadline of 6/15/19. Turn in rest of the                                                  required forms/program fees by 7/01/19.

About the program

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Day 6: Teaching the children in the orphanage in the morning, plan a                    small party with the children in afternoon. Get ready to leave                     tomorrow morning.

Day 7: Leaving from Lhasa International Airport.

About background

World Family Children Foundation a (501)(c)(3) nonprofit organization 

Day 3: Teaching the children in the orphanage in the morning and the                           afternoon. Learn the Buddism culture from children in the


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Project Supervisors

               Program Fees and Requirements


Keira graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in education and was appointed as an alumni interviewer for the University. She is the chairman of this association, as well as the ambassador to the International Students Freshmen Meeting of the Institute of Education. She an extensive history of teaching experience, having worked in both public and private schools, and well-known educational institutions in America and abroad. The international student linking course designer of the education consulting company helps international students better understand American classroom culture and integrate into the society. In this initiative, Keira will engage in critical conversations with students about problems with the Tibetan education system, asking questions like what can be done to keep children engaged and attentive.


 Abby graduated from St. Louis University on two years of full scholarship, majoring in American Culture Studies. During her graduate study, she served as a research assistant, teaching assistant, and professorial aid, conducting undergraduate teaching in the US. She also spent six months in an American high school as a cross-cultural communications teacher and was involved in the 2013 Publication of Selected Readings on Important Historical Literature, used by undergraduates and postgraduates at 211 universities. In this initiative, Abby will work with her classmates to construct a curriculum system suitable for Tibetan education. Type your paragraph here.

The Lhasa Orphanage is a solitary house located in Lhasa, Tibet. It was established and remains headed by a single lama (a Tibetan Buddhist guru/spiritual teacher), who intended to care for only the orphans who he discovered or selected personally. However, as word of this lama’s generosity slowly spread through the township, Tibetans began to leave children of their own at his doorstep. Kids of all ages that families could not support or simply didn’t want, soon totaled over 15. The lama takes care of them. Their meals are frugal; their lives are not comfortable. Older children help perform physical labor in the courtyard. When the orphans are visited by teachers, they learn Chinese and even a few basic English phrases. What we want everyone to understand is that the Lama’s lifestyle is also very modest. He acts purely out of good intentions and has dedicated incredible amounts of time and effort to raising these children. 

Day 1: Arriving in Lhasa International Airport, take bus to the                


Day 5: Teaching the children in the orphanage in the morning. Learn                     the culture from local cultural center in the afternoon, join                         the activities with children in the orphanage.

Day 4: Teaching the children in the orphanage in the morning and the                   afternoon. Join the entertainment activities with children in the                 orphanage.

Volunteer Trip of Lhasa Orphanage Schedule

Summer of 2019

Project Time:  July 30th to August 07th, 2019

Deadline for registration:  
June 01, 2019

Project cost: 
$1200.00(Include meals, rooms and transportation, not include the flight ticket to/from Lhasa).​The security deposit of $200 will be due on 06/15/2019 to lock the spot. The full amount of $1000 is required by 7/01/19; Cancellation before 7/10/19 can get 50% refund; Cancellation after 7/10/19 with no refund.

Volunteer trip to the Lhasa Orphanage in Lhasa, Tibet, China ​

2019 Summer

a (501)(C)(3) Nonprofit organization

World Family Children Foundation

Requirements:      The volunteer has to be 15 years old or older. The volunteer has to have the legal                                        travel documents (passport, a copy of birth certificate and both parents’                                                      permission paper). Volunteers will be required to join at least one of the                                                     fundraising events for the orphanage.

Project award:  1. Obtain 50 Service Hours from the World Family Children Foundation, a US                                                nonprofit organization;
                                2. Outstanding trainees may receive a recommendation letter from an Alumni                                                 Interviewer at UPenn;
3. English papers may be recommended for publication in international journals. 

Day 2: Teaching the children in the orphanage in the morning and                         afternoon, join the activities with children in the orphanage.

Donation so far:  $48,100