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World Family Children Foundation

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President Volunteer Service Award

Max Wu
Member of Peace Corps and Student.


The Young Leaders are the passionate youth to help improve education for students, to assist with the care of children in the orphanages.

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World Family Children Foundation is an IRS recognized (501)(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Fremont, California. We are an official certified organization of President Volunteer Service Award.  Our mission is to help the children and the families in need as much as possible through fundraising, advocacy and education not only in the United States, but also worldwide. Another intention of ours is "Young Helping Young". The experience of serving and giving back to the community is one that can never be replaced in the lifetime.


lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word for the children in need.



Giving your help hand to those who need it!

  1. Helping the children who have severe lung diseases to survive in China
  2. Sponsor a child to help her/him to thrive.
  3. Bring books to the students

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Sihui Liu

Graduate student in University of South California

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There more 10,000 babies with birth defects are being abandoned on the streets every year in Shanxin Province of China.

Donation so far:  $31,500

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Help the children while you are shopping


The program entails aiding students from low-income families who need help in their studies but can't afford tutoring services. 

Meet Our Team

Arjun Dhamrait
4-H volunteer and Student

Michelle L. Zhang
Director of non-profit organization and mom.

our mission:

Give hope to those who need it most!


While the severe air pollution has been covering the majority land of China, its children are the weakest group to survive

Congratulations for our volunteer Himanshu Bhadoria being awarded as a Bronze Winner of President Volunteer Service Award! Without our dedicate volunteers, we couldn't run our free programs to help the children who need help.

Our 2017 Summer programs will be open to register soon.

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