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World Family Children Foundation

To help The Abandoned Children in Shanxi, China

World Family Children Foundation

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Help us, help the children when you are shopping

There more 10,000 babies with birth defects are being abandoned on the streets every year in Shanxin Province of China, about more than 5000 of them are saved by the scavengers, the streets cleaners, and other low income families who are severely lock of financial supports from the government of China.

Kong Lanzhen started to save the abandoned children on the streets from more than 18 years ago, Through out the years, she had saved more 100 children from her own.  Currently, she has 38 children are under her care and living in her house where serve as a Safe House for the abandoned children in the local. Our projects in China is providing annul funds and life necessities to support Kong Zhenlan's safe house.
We hope you can join our support team by donate a small amount of money or donate the life necessities.
The necessities we need to send to the families are:
diapers (all sizes), milk powders, baby food, children vitamins, baby or young children cloths, baby bedding etc.
We will ship the life necessities to the families when the supplies enough for a load of oversea shipping container.
You can either mail or drop the supplies to our foundation's address, also you can click the links below to make a generous donation. All your donations are tax deductible (you will receive a receipt with our tax ID after you made your donation).

Thank you for your support!

Volunteer Team of W.F.C.F.

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A (501)(C)(3) nonprofit organization

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