a (501)(C)(3) Nonprofit organization

World Family Children Foundation

World Family Children Foundation

43430 Mission Blvd,  

Fremont CA 94539 US


Phone:     (510) - 585 - 3648

Fax:         (510) - 405 - 8641

E-mail: info@worldfamilychildren.org

President: max@worldfamilychildren.org

Official Member of 

California Association of Nonprofits

Contact our leadership team

Emily Lee (the program director of Young Mentors)

Donation so far:  $45,100

Reach out to us

Debolina Bandyopadhyay (the Young Mentors adviser)

Max Wu(the president)
Phone:  (510)-335-9847  max@worldfamilychildren.org

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Arjun Dhamriat(the webmaster)


Michelle Zhang (the program coordinator)
Phone:  (510)-299-9018

World Family Children Foundation

A (501)(C)(3) nonprofit organization