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My name is Arjun Dhamrait. I have been a friend of Max's since we both were in Kindergarten and I love to play a part in anything that Max does. I find helping children who are less lucky than we are to be a noble cause and one that I want to be involved in. I play tuba in my school marching band and run hurdles for the track team. In my free time I enjoy helping in my community, studying for school, and learning about new technology.

Arjun Dhamriat

I have been leading the team of high school student volunteers from both US and China to help in Kong Zhenlan's Safe House for 2 years. It's the most rewarding experience in my life, I am very lucky to be chosen of the team coordinator for WFCF program in China.

​Mark  Zhang

World Family Children Foundation


Education is the key.

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MIchelle Zhang

Recent Programs

Our 2016 summer volunteer program Young Leaders is calling for volunteers. The Young Leaders are the passionate youth to help improve education for students, to assist with the care of children in the orphanages. 

As a mother, I wish all the children in the world can thrive in their lives. As an adult, I know that a lot of children are still struggling to survive. I like to help, I want to help. When Max had this idea, I was the first one to encourage him to put it in real, and he made it! We may not big enough to help a lot of children, but we have started from a few to arm for more. I believe our efforts will make differences to the children who need help.


I work as a software engineer and I want to make the world a better place.

I love to teach children like the young leaders do. I like to help the organization at any capacity. 


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help the children and the families in need as much as possible through fundraising, advocacy and education not only in the United States, but also worldwide. 

My name is Sihui Vilian Liu. I am a graduate student in University of South California, majoring in finance for nonprofit organization. I love to help people, especially the children who are underprivileged, abandoned, homeless, growing up without proper education etc. I always believe we can work together to make a better world for the children who are less fortunate than us.

Vilian Liu

The Most Rewarding Experience

         Vilian  Liu

Trying to help children in need!

Max Wu

The Treasure

It is an honor to be selected to be the World Family Children Foundation’s Director of Student Programs. I have been a part of the Young Mentors branch for the last three years ever since it started in our school. Being able to experience this branch initially try to establish as a mere club at my school to slowly developing into a bigger and more reputable club has been indescribable, and I am forever thankful for all of the opportunities that it has brought me and allowed me to give to others. I believe education is the key to any kind of success, and every student deserves an equal opportunity to access resources to further their academics regardless of their family financial situation. Unfortunately, the real world often does not allow for that and forces many students from low-income families to suffer disproportionately. This is why I have been so adamant on expanding Young Mentors for the past couple of years as I’ve hoped to widen the range of kids that we can help. Young Mentors not only provides free academic tutoring to students from low-income families, but it also gives a chance to high schoolers to interact with younger students from different backgrounds and open their minds to helping others. I am eager to take up this new position in WFCF because I have seen and truly believe in the positive impact these programs can bring, and I hope I can contribute to expanding these programs into more areas to maximize the number of students we can lend a helping hand to.!

​Emily Lee

Let's work together 

    Rebecca Song


So many children in the world need help.  Another intention of ours is "Young Helping Young". The experience of serving and giving back to the community is one that can never be replaced in the lifetime.

The representative in China

The Secretary/Program Coodinator

President of our Foundation

Making a better world for children

The Young Mentors Adviser in Bay Area of US

I am very lucky to be the first person to help the World Family Children Foundation in China. I wish we can recruit more volunteers to help W.F.C.F. applying their programs to the children in China.

​Rebecca Song

Our Team

Enjoying to help the community

Donation so far:  $45,100

Doing our best to help

I want to contribute to this noble cause.

Arjune Dhamrait

I have been incredibly fortunate in my life to never have to experience the difficulties I see in the world every day. After I came back from my volunteer trip in Ghana, Africa where I had learned a lot of the realities that I have never seen in my life before, I decided volunteering simply was not enough to help the development of the community. In response to this calling, I decided to start an organization that not just continued to help children in Ghana, but all over the world. I hope only that those who have a desire to help the world will channel their abilities and aid through the World Family Children Foundation, as a vehicle provide the right kind of change to the world.

The Program Director of Young Mentors